About The Rock Yard

Large selection. Excellent Quality. Affordable Prices.

a boulder with engraved The Rock Yard, Inc. logo

The Rock Yard, Inc. supplies stone contractors and residents in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta area with a huge selection of top quality building and landscape stones at low prices. Since we have an extensive network of suppliers, we are able to supply many types of  natural stone

The Rock Yard is one of the largest stocking distributors of  Centurion® manufactured lightweight stone in the state of Georgia. We have tens of thousands of square feet of stone in stock and ready for your project.

Customers First

Many of our customers are builders, architects, and contractors who visit our stone yard to source stone and discuss their projects with us. We have an extensive photograph collection of stonework to show to our customers and many display panels to aid in your choice of stone for your next project. Our prior installation experience is often called upon to help with stone selection, installation issues and material calculations.

Easy Deliveries

We have fast deliveries and often make next day deliveries, making it easier for you to schedule stone masons and keep your project on schedule. All of our deliveries travel with a forklift to aid in placing your stone where you desire; our lightweight forklifts leave as small a foot print as possible while on the job site.

Make Your Project a Reality

We have a list of professional stone contractors for your area to further compliment our offerings, so bring your dreams and your plans to The Rock Yard and build a lasting impression in stone.

Contact us today for a free quote or additional product information.