Landscaping with Stone

Using stone in your home’s landscaping design isn’t something new–in fact people have been doing it for years. Some homeowners like using stone to make their landscaping look more natural and organic. Others enjoy knowing that stone brings a certain look of establishment and is durable enough to last for a long time.

Landscape stone and boulder wall in the lawn

Most people that use stone in their  landscaping design agree that it makes an attractive addition and can be used in a variety of ways. The Rock Yard Inc. is one of the largest distributors of landscape stone in Georgia and works to provide you with the perfect stone addition to your lawn.

A close-up shot of the boulder wall along the pathway
Fieldstone as Stepping Stones for pathways

River Rock

Not only does river rock have many sizes, it has many uses. It’s a versatile stone that works in your landscape for pathways, drainage & erosion, or as a mulch  substitute.  Our river rock comes in sizes from river gravel to larger stones that can be used for statement pieces.  River rock can be used to edge bedding areas or cover those areas where grass doesn’t easily grow.  


boulder accent in the garden landscape

When you think of landscaping with stone, your mind probably instantly goes to picturing a huge boulder in the middle of a neighbor’s yard, right? Boulders are a unique and special feature of hardscaping that can work well in a formal setting, but also in a more natural setting, too.

When using boulders in your landscape, make sure your plants will not be taller than your boulder at their mature height.  Also consider using several different sizes and shapes of boulders like you would find in nature. 

Stepping Stones

Stone Steppers, aka stepping stones, come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12″ X 12″ squares to  as large as 36″ X 36″ squares.   We also carry these irregular stepping stones in buff and gray from World of Stones.

Gray Stepping Stones in the garden area

  Step Treads

A close shot of the Atlanta flagstone step treads

Stone step treads are both functional and beautiful.  These step treads come in a range of thicknesses and color variations.  Landscape contractors use these for steep embankments making them easier to navigate.  Do you have a steep grade going down to the lake, stream, or other area in your yard?  These stone step treads will add a natural beauty while making the area easier to navigate.  They can be installed without mortar by partially burying them to create stability.  Do you have a mild slope?  Consider using large natural slabs of fieldstone, also know as boulder steps, for steps in this area.    


brick fence wall with Ashlar Column with Gray Mortar Joint


One of the most common uses for stone in your landscape is to incorporate them in walls around your property. Using a short wall to break up a large area or to guide people as to where they are to go is always a good idea. Make sure to choose a stone that coordinates with the other hardscaping in your design to insure that a wall is a great addition to your home.

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