Centurion® Stone

Cost-Effective Manufactured Stone that Looks Natural 

Centurion® Stone is a manufactured stone that looks like natural stone. Natural stone is used as a pattern to shape the pieces. Being a manufactured product, colors and textures are more consistent than a natural product.  The reduced weight and cost of Centurion® Stone makes it desirable for many applications.

View our manufactured stone photo gallery to see some examples of completed projects.

A picture of the house entrance Pennsylvania stacked stone walls
A house with Centurion Kentucky Ledge stone walls

Variety for your Design Needs

The Centurion® Stone product line is available in more than two dozen patterns and many colors to suit every building or design need.  Matching corner pieces and accessory pieces are in stock for your project.  The most popular styles are stack, ledge, and rubble.  These can be installed as a single style or blended with another style for a unique or more dimensional look.

See Centurion® Stone for Yourself

We have installed displays to help with the decision making process.  Display boards are also available, for a refundable deposit, to take with you for color matching.

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