Pennsylvania Bluestone

The Rock Yard stocks a variety of types of Flagstone. One type of Flagstone is Pennsylvania Bluestone. This stone’s primary identifier is its unique color. It is typically observed in cool tones like gray, brown, lilac and shades of blue giving any space beautiful dimension and character.  The Rock Yard stocks both blue gray and variegated PA bluestone. 

Bluestone is a sedimentary rock formed by layers of sand and is known for being flat and rectangular. This type of stone is easily cut and transformed, so it is a suitable option for your hardscape needs. The Rock Yard has a list of experienced contractors for constructing Bluestone patios, steps, walkways and many more stone projects.

Bluestone adds a contemporary look to any patio, fireplace, wall or floor. It is dense and durable and used for both interior and exterior projects. 

PA bluestone is recognized for its non-slip surface and natural rock face finish. It can hold up in harsh winters, and with the proper sealing, bluestone is stain resistant.

See how this stone looks great in your home and in commercial hardscapes. Whatever the space, the vivid color and practical functionality renders Bluestone a great choice for any project.

For more information about Bluestone or other stone optionscontact one of our experts at The Rock Yard today