Using Stone in Your Garden

It’s no secret that stone is a gorgeous and unique element that can improve the look of your landscape. We think that stones are the perfect natural resource and can be used for a variety of purposes: to outfit patios, arrange stepping stones, or even to assemble that outdoor fire pit you have always wanted. Stones can do it all!

Stones make an excellent addition to gardens as well. Stones can be just as important to your garden as the plant material that you use. Outlined below are some perks to using stone in your garden that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The best part about garden stone is that you can customize it to create the look you want! From  natural  stone to manufactured stone, we have a wide variety of options that vary in color and size.

See our photo galleries for manufactured and natural stone for inspiration.

An out cropped boulder wall around the park

Why use Stone in your Garden?

Durability & Convenience

Stones have been around since the caveman, so it’s safe to say that it’s going to hold up through the wind, rain and sun as the years pass by. Stone isn’t something you have to replace annually or semi-annually, which is just one less thing to do when springtime rolls around.

Stylistic Complements

One of the best things about using stone in your garden is that it can complement just about everything! From your modern lawn furniture to your white picket fence, stone slips in seamlessly to what you already have and can give your garden the required depth that you are looking for. Stone can even compliment your style of house or neighborhood in a way that is hard to match.

Provide Shelter to Wildlife

Did you know that by using rocks in your garden, you will provide a haven for wildlife? Froglets, bumblebees, insects, and certain types of birds all make their homes near rocks. The key is to place the stones in different places around your garden such as sunny and hot, or moist and shady. This will invite a variety of animals to find what they like and set up shop in your garden.

boulder accent in the garden landscape
a pathway made with river rocks and fieldstone used as stepping stones

Color Variety

Another perk of using stone is that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Be sure to choose colors that contrast or complement the colors of your house and garden for the best effect.

Perfect All Seasons

Using stone in your garden is a surefire way to have something interesting going on in your garden all year long. When winter comes and all your green plants are in hibernation, using stone in your garden provides a pleasurable place of peace and tranquility to what otherwise would be a barren space.

Affordable Garden Stone

Check out some of our photos for some design inspiration! For more information about the types of garden stones we offer, contact us today.  We make stone deliveries across the state. Let us help you with your next stone project.