Natural Stone

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Ashlar Fieldstone and Stack with White Mortar Joints

Natural stone is one of the most abundant natural raw materials available.  For centuries, people have used the materials available to them to produce building marvels that will withstand the test of time. This includes natural stone.

Stone is time tested and proven.  It has been crafted into man’s legacy like no other building material throughout history.  Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, aqueducts and streets of the Roman Empire or the fireplace in your living room, stone is known for its beauty, longevity, and prestige.

The Rock Yard: Atlanta & North Georgia's Preferred Natural Stone Supplier

Exterior walls in Pennsylvania Fieldstone with Cut Arches

At The Rock Yard, our inventory of natural stone has been selected with more than 30 years of experience in the stone industry.  With our previous stone installation experience, spanning more than two decades, we not only understand which stone you need but also the different restraints of selected stone material.  Our experience can save you time and money.

A close-up of the Pool with a stone wall in the park

Your Natural Stone Options

Natural stone is available in a variety of shape, size, weight, color and price level. With the large number of available options, natural stone is an ideal material for your next project. From stones for use in landscaping, to exterior stone projects, to remodeling/additions of interior rooms, natural stone is a tried and true method to achieve that look you’re going for.

Popular natural stone options include:

Crab Orchard Flagstone wall

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