River Rock

River rock is ideal for that area in your yard where grass just won’t grow.  It also makes a great ground cover for bedding areas.  This stone type is also useful to create dry river beds for areas where drainage is a problem.  It can be mixed with large pieces of flagstone for stepping stones.  Another popular idea is mixing different sizes. This photo shows using similar sizes pieces turned sideways to create a border thus accenting the pathway.

The Rock Yard carries a large amount of river rock in 1 ton pallets.  It is a beautiful alternative to riff raff for erosion control. Sizes range from gravel to basket ball size.   

We also carry Smokey Mountain river rock which is generally larger flatter pieces and is more appropriate for using as a veneer.  Do you have a cabin that needs an update?  How about using river rock to add to its charm.

river rock dry river-bed paver in the park
Exterior walls with Smokey Mountain River Rock Dry Stacked

This photo shows the use of river rock as a veneer.  With some pieces turned upright and other stacked, a unique look is created.  It also showcases a soldier course arch around the bottom door.  

A close-up shot of River Rocks for Landscaping

If you’re looking for a versatile stone that can be used for a ground cover, in ponds, to create a dry river bed, or as a stone veneer consider using river rock.  Come check out all the sizes we have in stock today.